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Industries are constantly evolving and along with clients’ needs. Our consultants are on the front line and can help you achieve your placement goals within realistic deadlines for your industry sector. 

Total Recruitment-Search and Selection

For permanent full-time or part-time placements we provide an extensive search and selection service from our database of high calibre candidates. We follow a well-practised and efficient procedure to obtain the best results.  However we are flexible and will also work with our clients to ensure alignment with their own processes.

Specifying the Position. We liaise with the client to establish the parameters of the role and the required skill sets. This then forms the initial basis of our search criteria.

Candidate Search.  Our consultants identify the most effective resources to locate the very best candidate matches.  To keep ahead of the market we continually research the market place to find the best resources.

Candidate Selection Once we have filtered through the potential candidate CV’s, put careful consideration into their professional and personal suitability and obtained a positive interest from them for the role, we will then assess the individuals, either by a face-to-face or telephone interview.

Candidate Interview   Once the candidate(s) have passed our through our diligent screening process, they are forwarded to the client so that they may be assessed by the most appropriate interview means.

Feedback   We look to receive feedback from both parties at the earliest convenience following the interview. In this way we can resolve any queries and facilitate the smooth flow of information between the client and the candidate.

Offer.  Having supplied the right candidate we can then help to negotiate the best remuneration package to suit both parties.
CPS Recruitment ensures that the clients’ best interests are our main focus. Not only do we offer full solutions to our clients’ business needs but also we are on hand to give full and complete support, both during and after the recruitment process.

Executive Search

CPS Recruitment has a highly selective network of industry contacts that can be resourced when senior positions are required.
With our in-depth knowledge of the industry markets we are constantly aware of potential talent and their skill sets, making us far more efficient at locating those exceptional candidates for the executive roles.

We adopt a very similar in-depth screening process to our total recruitment service but, in this instance, we access our pool of executive candidates whose professional experience correlates closely with the demands of a placement.

Interim Management

Many of our registered candidates have chosen interim management for their career advancement and are highly successful, experienced professionals from within the range of industry sectors that we cover. CPS Recruitment only retains interim managers of the highest quality who have proven their capabilities throughout a diverse variety of demanding roles.

Once a client has expressed a requirement for a short-term contract, we use the same stringent screening methods for all our search and selection processes to locate the appropriate interim manager that suits the clients’ requirements.

Head Hunting

Most high-ranking managers are too focused on their roles to actively seek out potential career enhancing vacancies but would consider changing jobs should the total offer be attractive enough and help further advance their career whilst adding value for the new organisation.

CPS Recruitment allows clients to fill specialised positions that would otherwise be impossible. We understand that discretion is of the utmost importance and so offer a bespoke solution with full client confidentiality whilst proactively recruiting the highest performing talent for your business.

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