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Based in the Midlands, CPS Recruitment has been operating on a worldwide scale for over ten years and, simply put, we make a difference. Our team consists of specialists whose industry knowledge expertise has been gained from working within senior management positions. Where required our consultants also have technical knowledge.

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CPS Recruitment only forwards candidates once careful consideration has been given to their skills, attitude, and experience.  We place great emphasis on whether their potential professional chemistry would be appropriate for the employer. This allows us to be far more realistic, focussed and accurate about the CV’s or jobs you want to consider before making the next step of the face-to-face interview.

Our Clients often comment that if presented with three CV’s from CPS they usually choose to meet all three candidates, whereas other recruitment companies will provide them with twenty CV’s and only a couple may be relevant.

This gives our clients and candidates the peace of mind that only the best quality CV’s will be placed in front of them, effectively making the decision making process far easier for both parties.

To CPS Recruitment the clients’ best interests are our main priority and, as such, our services are focussed towards forging long-term partnerships and collaborations.  We are innovative and imaginative in our approach and so find creative ways of helping you achieve your often demanding deadlines.

We will always manage your expectations so that when chosen strategies or deadlines appear unachievable we will work with you, where possible, to find an alternative solution.

For more information about CPS, please call 01455 558231....or alternatively click below to provide us with a few basic details and we will get straight back to you:

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