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"Gist IT have used CPS Recruitment as our preferred recruitment partner for over 10 years. The reason is simple; they understand our business and our people. The candidates they select therefore are always a good match in terms of team fit as well as skill, experience and competence. This gives us a selection process that is quick and effective, enabling us to maintain our high service standards whilst keeping costs down."

Steve Carroll. Project Services Manager. IT. Gist Ltd.



“CPS provided us with a capable and ruthlessly efficient project manager. iMP was a fundamentally important project for the BBC, causing a fundamental shift in its direction. It was a massive success; much of this was down to CPS. Delivering bleeding edge technology, from a complex network of suppliers, over challenging time demands would’ve been near impossible without them.”

Ben Lavender, Technical Executive, Internet, BBC
BBC New Media


 “CPS’ management of a highly complex project using a mix of well developed political and technical skill led directly to the successful completion of the trial”

John Varney, CTO, BBC
BBC New Media




 “I have worked with CPS on many projects. Jon is a true professional and a truly expert project manager. Jon has a real flair for project management and always drives to deliver solutions to stated constraints. Jon is firm but fair and does not shy away from difficult decisions or situations. Jon is probably the best project manager I have ever worked with.”

Pete Holt, Business Systems Manager
TNT Logistics



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